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I’m still here and kind of running.

As Lina pointed out, it’s been a month since my last post. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the biggest lapse I’ve ever had with my posts. Tsk tsk. I’ll give an update about what’s been going on and let it serve as my (admittedly lame) excuse for not posting more.

Well first, I almost titled this post ‘Irony’ because about two days after posting about my running goals (which for me were ambitious), my old MCL injury started plaguing me. To remind you, this is an injury I sustained in the last few miles of the Chicago marathon back in October when my running form went to s**t. Luckily I don’t experience any pain with it, but my left MCL gets tight and my left leg feels slightly less stable than my right. Not great.

After a few days of ignoring it (of course), I decided to be an adult about it and just take two weeks off. Having dealt with this back in November/December, I knew the best way to recovery was to back off on running and increase stretching and strength training. This decision coincided nicely with my two week vacation to Arizona and California, and I did a lot of hiking and took a few yoga classes during that time to stay sane. When I returned, I started running three miles every other day, and doing yoga consistently twice a week. I added a mile or two on to my runs and finally arrived at a 7 mile run yesterday, which marks the start of my 5k training plan.

With my nieces in AZ

With my nieces in AZ

I’m easing back into the training by not totally following the plan until week 3. I’m determined to keep the yoga in my life because I’ve always ditched it in the past when my mileage increased, but I really think these niggling little injuries I keep getting are due to my lack of flexibility and strength. I’m determined to be able to get into and hold pigeon pose without wanting to cry.

I’m also going to try and take things easier because the summer humidity is making it hard for me to run anything faster than an 8 minute mile. I had asthma as kid and while I’ve mostly outgrown it, but the humidity aggravates it even now.

Here are my planned/accomplished runs for this week:

Sunday: 7 miles (8:52, 8:24, 8:10, 7:57, 7:52, 8:07, 8:10)

Monday: 3 miles (9:10, 9:00, 8:49) + squats/lunges/etc.

Tuesday: Yoga (55 min)

Wednesday: 10 x (1:00 min) hills @ 6:30 pace

Thursday: Off? Or easy 3 miles?

Friday: 5 miles

Saturday: Yoga (55 min)

Sunday: 8 miles


I also decided to replace my Pure Connect 2’s with Pure Connect 3’s. I was planning on just buying another pair of the 2’s online but I got bored and decided to try on the 3’s on at City Sports. I liked the soles on the new versions more – they seem a bit more resilient – and combining $10 off from member/student discounts with a $20 gift certificate they gave me (for what, I’m not sure) enabled me to snag my new pair of kicks for $70. BOOM! I miss the black/green/pink coloring from my old pair, but the new ones aren’t terrible looking:

Brooks Pure Connect 3 Photo credit:

Photo credit:
Brooks Pure Connect 3


Last but not least, Lina is coming to visit me in TWO DAYS and I can’t freaking wait. Gah. I really can’t.

-Run Monster



One comment on “I’m still here and kind of running.

  1. Lina
    July 31, 2014

    FYI I still check your blog on a daily basis. Le sigh. MISS YOU SO SO MUCH. D:

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