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Like most people, I know the sorts of things I’d like to accomplish. Beyond this ‘knowing’ step, though, there is an entire spectrum of actions people take when it comes to documenting these dreams and aspirations; on one end, there is the person who feels comfortable letting these goals float around his or her consciousness, and on the the other end, there is the person who not only writes down every goal he or she has, but will rewrite this list every week (possibly even every day!) with an accompanying timeline.

I fall somewhere on the former end of this spectrum, but as this post will show, I’m trying to change my ways.

The thing is, when it comes to school my goals are often created for me along with a timeline (for example, complete a class and do well on the final; or, write master’s thesis and finish by May) and since I’m being held accountable for meeting those goals by other students and professors, I really feel like they are more or less continually on my mind.

With running it’s different. I’m not part of a team and I don’t have a coach, so my aspirations for running are in my head but I’m not really accountable to anyone for them. I’ve read that people who actually write down their goals have better success achieving them, and I think given my current state of isolation with running, it will benefit me to document my running-related ones.

Training Goals:

#1: Run consistently 30 miles per week throughout the summer.

#2: Train for a 5k in June, July, and August using this plan.

#3: Find a way to effectively strength train without sacrificing mileage.

#4: Complete the New Balance Advanced Half Marathon plan, starting in September.


Racing Goals:

#1: Run a few 5k’s this summer, including an open cross country race in September, and break 20:00.

#2: Run the Philadelphia Half Marathon in November and break 1:37:00.


I also know that I want to run the Phoenix Rock n Roll half marathon again in January 2015, but I’m not yet sure how I want to approach training and what my time goal should be. Those two things will depend on how everything goes with the training and racing in the fall.

I have to say that after focusing on long distances the past two years (namely, marathons and half marathons), I am really excited to change things up for the next few months and train for the 5k. Expect complaints about hill workouts in the near future. Also, if you look at the 5k training plan that I linked to above, you’ll notice that it has me run seven days a week. We all know I’m allergic to that idea, so I’m going to compromise and run six days a week. Like training for a 5k, this too will something I haven’t done since high school. I’m looking forward to the adventure.

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2 comments on “Goooooooaaaaaaaaaal(s).

  1. linagrant
    May 29, 2014

    You are totally going to run a sub 20 5K someday, I just know it. You scary fast runner, you.

  2. linagrant
    June 30, 2014

    Ahem. it done been over a month since you updated last. And yes….I have been checking daily. 🙂 Update yo blog, womanfriend! also, see you Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (!!!!!!!!) (!!!) (!) 🙂

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