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My 4 Month Plan.

A few weeks ago, I sat down and spent an entire Saturday morning plotting out my racing and training plans for the next four months. I’m really excited about the races and the workouts I’m planning to do, so I’ll share them now.

Feb. 8th:  Feel the Love 5k

Feb. 8th – Mar. 6th:  Tuesdays – 3-4 mile run @ 7:45 (ish) pace

Wednesdays – 3-4 mile easy run + squats, lunges, leg lifts, etc.

Fridays – 1 mile warm up, {4 min @ 5k race pace + 2 min easy jog} x 4

Saturdays – 3 mile easy run

Sundays – 5-7 mile easy run

Mar. 7th – 17th:   Spring break snowboarding for 5 days; I’ll run when I get back from my trip but nothing is planned.

Mar. 18th: Begin the New Balance Intermediate Half Marathon training plan.

PI = Pace Intervals at goal half marathon race pace

CI = Cruise Intervals at 10k race pace

SI = Speed Intervals at 5k race pace

Strides = 100 meter accelerations up to 90% effort

TUT – Total Uphill Time

Apr. 6th:  Hot Chocolate 15k race

May 4th:  Broad Street Run (10 mile race)

May 18th:  Horseshoe Lake Trail Half Marathon

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

So there you have it: my next four months at a glance. I am super thrilled about the Broad Street Run, because Abbe and I agreed to *try* and register for it (I say try because registration is done on a lottery system), and we got selected!! This particular race is popular nationwide because of its timing with respect to May marathons, and it is raced by some very fast runners. I think it will be a perfect opportunity to really test out my fitness. 

The other thing that is great about both the Hot Chocolate Race and the Broad Street Run is that I’ve never raced either of those distances (15k and 10 mile, respectively), so I am looking at two automatic PRs. Yay! (They totally count!)

And in case anyone is wondering, I still miss Lina like crazy.

-Run Monster


2 comments on “My 4 Month Plan.

  1. Lina
    February 24, 2014

    Oh man! I wish I could run every one of your races with you! 😦 and i miss *you* like crazy! Also, i didn’t realize that broad street was on the same day as when I’m running the OC marathon. I’ll be thinking of you guys that morning, f’sho!!

    also, i love the new balance marathon training plan. it looks like so much fun! GAH I WANT TO RUN. HEAL ANKLE, HEAL!

    • runmonster
      February 25, 2014

      I really with you could run the races with me too. Waaaaah! But it works out perfectly that you’ll be doing the OC marathon on the same day as the Broad Street run – we can exchange battle stories and cheer each other on telepathically. (<- Because that's a thing.)

      Send me more photos of your life! And yes, HEAL ANKLE, HEAL!

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