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Abominable Slowman 5k #1

So you guys…I ran a 5k today! It was the first 5k I’d done since high school, and it was a blast! I can’t believe how wonderfully short a 5k feels after dabbling in marathons for the past year. Lina and I decided to run this little race a few weeks after the Philly Marathon because both of us, for very different reasons, were upset by the outcome of that race. (I even find it questionable to refer to that as my last race since I didn’t even start…but that’s precisely wherein my disappointment lies.) We agreed that we needed our last race of the season to be a positive experience.


Well positive it was! I won my first-ever age group medal for coming in 3rd in the 25-29 group, and ended up being the 4th woman overall! Lina came in 4th for our age group and considering that she ran with a substantial head cold, she really kicked ass too. My official time (the race was chip-timed) was 22:41.60, which comes out to a 7:19 min/mi average pace.  I ended up changing the lap distance on my Garmin to 0.5 mi instead of 1 mi, so below are my half mile splits which very obviously indicate where there were hills and where there weren’t:

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 1.58.14 PM

We got some adorable shirts with RUN MONSTERS (or rather, Abominable Slowmen) on them, and the shirts also happened to be long sleeved so we really scored. At the end of the race they had bananas, pizza, pretzels, coconut water, coffee, and hot chocolate up for grabs, which I thought was pretty great since it was just a small local race. The overall female winner was a 32 year old woman who averaged 6:13 min/mi, and both Lina and I found that to be really inspiring. That is SO FAST. Anyway, I love being reminded of the possibility of improving for another decade or so with running.


There is one sad aspect about today’s run, and it’s that Lina and Nick are moving next month so this was the last race Lina and I will get to do together for a long time. We have agreed to schedule running vacations in which we meet up in different cities to run together, but still, I’m going to miss the runs with her that aren’t races possibly even more. Weepy/whiny post about missing Lina to come in the near future. For now, this adorable picture of her:


Lina was telling me about some of her running goals for 2014 and they mostly include running a lot more races in a lot more distances. I really love this idea and am totally going to steal it, because I think for me that’s what this past year lacked in terms of racing: variety. There was too much stress involved with having to make one day perfect after four months of training. Honestly, I don’t know how Olympians deal with that since their one day comes after years of focused training.

Anyway, I like the idea of always having something to look forward to in the relatively near future, along with the fact that a disappointing race will only ever be your most recent race for a month or so, max. For the next few days my good friend Francois will be visiting me, and he is planning on running the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix next month so we are going to get to do a few workouts together. I’m looking forward to it.

After that, I’m heading to AZ! Yay holidays!

-Run Monster


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