Run Monster


Here is my life in a list:

(1) I’ve decided to take 2-3 weeks off of running completely, due to some scary pains in my left knee and right hip (thank youuuuu Chicago marathon).

(2) I’m not happy about (1), but I’m taking advantage of the 0 mileage weeks to strength train.

(3) Because of (1), I am not running in the Philadelphia Half Marathon this upcoming Sunday, 11/17.

(4) I’m not happy about (3), because I have been looking forward to the Philly Half for  months. Also if you’re keeping track, this is the second race I’ve had to sit out this year due to injuries incurred in a marathon.

(5) I took the last written test of my life today, which rocks because I’ve been taking tests for 21 years.

(6) I’m really excited for Thanksgiving. I have a scary oral exam for school two days beforehand, so whether that goes well or not, I’m planning on eating a ton of food and getting my drink on for Thanksgiving.

-Run Monster


One comment on “Update.

  1. Lina
    November 13, 2013

    (1) I think it’s smart to do this, and I should probably do this, and I will probably regret NOT doing this. You know what we should do? Go back to hot yoga!!! How long has it been?! It’ll be so amazing, too, in this cold, to go and sweat our “balls” off!

    (2) Plyometric squats! Plyometric squats! Plyometric squats!

    (3) Frown. But, I’ll be SO freaking excited to see you in Manayunk on that last stretch!!!!

    (4) Frown x 2. ArizonaRnR is where it’s at.

    (5) You cease to amaze me! CONGRATS! 🙂 IT’S OVERRRR.

    (6) I have no doubt that you’ll rock the oral exam, and then I can’t WAIT to eat a ton of food with you over Thanksgiving! It’s gonna be a blast!

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