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One goal met! One to go…

First and foremost, I ACHIEVED MY FUNDRAISING GOAL!!!! My friends and family are officially the best EVER, and because of them, I’ve managed to raise more than $1500 for the American Cancer Society. I am so happy. Even if I don’t meet any of my running goals, I can be excited by the fact that I was able to raise this money for cancer research. It’s a great feeling.

In other, less inspiring news, I made the decision after my Thursday run that I’m going to take a week off from running. This might be a crazy-sounding thing to do just two weeks before running a marathon, but so is running a marathon in the first place. So to hell with rules!

I mentioned a few posts ago that I had been feeling slightly overtrained, and I haven’t been able to shake that feeling. This week, for example, I ran 8 miles on Wednesday morning and 5 miles on Thursday, and both runs felt harder than they should have given my pace and the distances. I’ve also been noticing my right IT band and peroneal tendon for the past week or so; they haven’t really hurt, per se, but I can tell that they’re there, and that isn’t normal.

After two days I’m already wanting to run again, but I’m feeling better. I can tell that my legs are relishing the rest, so I’m determined to stick to my week-off plan. I think tomorrow I’ll do a two mile walk and end with my PT exercises (yes, I’m still doing them), just so that I don’t go crazy. As it is, I’m finding it hard not to obsess about Chicago…I have to stop myself from talking about running in every conversation, and no matter how I try to distract myself, I inevitably fall back to thinking about it.

Apparently, this phenomenon is so common among distance runners that ‘Taper Madness’ has become kind of a real thing. I’ve stumbled across tons of articles/blog posts about the symptoms of taper madness, which include (but are not limited to):

-Obsessing more than normal about running

-Checking and rechecking your workout log from the past few months

-Irritability, crabbiness

-Anxiety about having trained too much, or too little

-The need to buy anything that you think will improve your race

-Obsessing over your race-day outfit, energy gels, etc.

-Feeling fat

-Restlessness, along with dreams nightmares about oversleeping on race day, getting lost on the course, etc.

-Checking and rechecking race-day weather

You get the drift. I’m experiencing all of these, except for the weather one. The weather has never been something I can control, and for whatever reason, I’m just not that concerned with it. If the weather sucks, it sucks for everyone. If I didn’t train properly, well, that only sucks for me. That’s the difference.

Anyway, taking a week off from running has only served to amplify all of these symptoms, so I’m looking forward to racing if for no other reason than to stop the madness. Of course, I’m actually TRULY EXCITED about this race because I am more prepared and Chicago is HUGE. Just being a part of it will be incredible, and as mentioned at the top, I am over the moon about meeting my fundraising goal and getting to run as part of Team DetermiNation.

In terms of running, my main goal for Chicago is to run, to finish, and to do so feeling better than I did at Providence. My secondary goal is to break 4 hours since, as you will recall, I fell 43+ minutes short of that goal last time with my spectacular mid-race bonk. My third and loftiest goal is to break 3:45, which is this number I’ve come up with based on my best 20 mile runs. Honestly, I really really want to meet goal #3, if for no other reason than I feel deep down that I can do it. To not break 3:45 will be frustrating due to this fact alone, and it will also mean I will want have to run another marathon in order to prove it to myself.

So there you have it: One goal met, one (or three) to go!

-Run Monster

P.S. I turned 26 on Friday, and my wonderful, amazing, beautiful friends (Lina, Abbe, Ziva, Sam, et al)  fed me sweets for 48 hours straight. It was epic, and I have the pictures to prove it. Additionally, Google and I have the same birthday so every year on my birthday the Google home page has a birthday themed logo. This year, it was an interactive piñata thing, which was the best by far.

Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe Cake, made by Abbe and Lina!

Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe Cake, made by Abbe and Lina!


Look at those luscious layers!


Cupcakes from the math girls!

Angel food cake and ice cream, complete with Virgen de Guadalupe candle

Angel food cake and ice cream, complete with Virgen de Guadalupe candle

Happy birthday from Google!

Happy birthday from Google!


2 comments on “One goal met! One to go…

  1. Lina
    September 30, 2013

    This post made me excited for Chicago all over again. Not that I wasn’t ever super excited, but it just filled me with those happy, twitchy nervous of joy. You are totally capable of breaking 3:45:00, I’m certain of it.

    And CONGRATS ON MEETING YOUR FUNDRAISING GOAL! So awesome!!!!! You’re awesome!!!! LOVE YOU!

  2. Lina
    September 30, 2013

    nerves* of joy. Not NERVOUS of joy. Haaa

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