Run Monster

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Imagine as a kid your parents tell you that on Thursday, you’re all going to Disneyland. They actually told you about this three weeks ago, but the week has finally arrived and man, are you excited!

And now imagine that you wake up on Thursday, get all ready to go, and then…IT STARTS POURING RAIN. Like, really pouring. And the trip gets cancelled.

While it would be delusional for me to say that I experienced the same level of disappointment created by the above scenario, I have to admit that when Lina and I got rained out of our 800m repeat workout, I was bummed. Being the running nerd that I am (and having a particularly soft spot for 800’s), I was actually looking forward to this workout. Even though the tempo workout from last week was hard, it felt great to dust off the faster gears and really run for a change. Ever since, I’ve been craving that feeling of going fast again.

But seriously, stop with the rain.

But seriously, stop with the rain.

All is not lost though, because although my legs are not very flexible, I am. And so is Lina. Instead of resting Friday, running 6 miles on Saturday, and doing a long run on Sunday, we are going to do the 6 mile run on Friday (today), the 800m repeat workout in the morning on Saturday, and the long run in the morning on Sunday. (It seems to downpour only in the late afternoon.) Luckily, the long run this week is only 8 miles since the training plan treats every third week as a drop week in mileage, so even if the speed work on Saturday takes the zip out of our legs, I know Lina and I can slog through single digit runs.

As a side note, I had a pretty intense chocolate craving yesterday and when a jar of Nutella was the only chocolate I could find in my apartment, I dug into it like pudding. I told myself it was fine because I was going to do a speed workout later…The lesson here is that thou shalt not indulge and justify it with a workout until said workout is done.

Anyways, I’ll stop whining now. The fact that my leg and foot have been feeling good enough to do all the prescribed workouts is wonderful, and reason enough to stop complaining.

-Run Monster


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