Run Monster

Playing Goldilocks.

This is a story about a girl on a mission to find the perfect hot yoga studio. The first one she tried was hot but much too rigid with its posture sequence. The second one she tried had great postures but was much too cool in temperature. And then the third one was just riiiiight.

Admittedly, I haven’t yet found the hot yoga studio that’s just right for me, but I’m really pulling for my story to end like Goldilocks’. Actually, I think Goldilocks runs away screaming after she’s found napping by the three bears and is never to be seen again, so maybe I should rethink this analogy…

The point is, I tried a new yoga studio yesterday and the reviews are mixed. As hoped, this new studio was not a Bikram studio, but rather just a hot yoga studio that does mostly Astanga Vinyasa yoga. Below is a chart of some of the most popular Vinyasa postures, and you’ll notice that there are downward dogs galore. This is obviously the type of yoga I had encountered earlier in my life, and which I had come to like. For this reason, I really enjoyed the class yesterday. AshtangaVinyasaSeries

As alluded to above, the one thing I wasn’t crazy about was the lack of heat in the room. The Bikram studio was hot, to the point where I was heavily sweating after only a few minutes. Although this sounds like torture, it created an environment in which every movement was an effort, making the class into as much a cardio session as a stretch and strengthen session. I loved that! This second hot yoga studio was barely warmer than the front room upon walking in, and it took me until at least the middle of class to really start sweating. Yes, I did end up sweating quite a bit; and yes, I did feel my heart rate increase a bit. But I never felt like I working that hard. Certainly not hard enough to feel like I got a comparable cardiovascular workout to the one running gives me.

Maybe this is okay though. I mentioned in a previous post that I decided to do hot yoga in order to replace running for a few weeks,  but eventually I hope to return to running and do yoga to help stay loose. That is, maybe this second studio is better for me in the future since I plan to have yoga as a supplement to running, rather than the main event. I left yesterday feeling energized and loose (for a runner), and today as I write I am aware of certain gluteal and abdominal muscles that clearly got worked. This is good. Also, I didn’t have to drink my body weight in water just to avoid a dehydration headache so…what am I whining about again?

In other news, my IT band has felt almost back to normal the past two days!!! I’ve been icing about 3 times a day and, as you know, NOT running. Of course, I’m going to run somewhere between 10 and 12 miles on Saturday for the Tough Mudder so I could potentially undo all this concerted healing, but I made a commitment to Lina and Nick that I have to honor. Correction: that I want to honor. Having gotten myself to a point with my leg where I feel like I could start running again, I know that if I do regress with this injury, I know what to do to recover. Experience. Boom.

I am planning on going on a “shake out run” tomorrow, for which the goal is to shake out the cobwebs that have formed in my running muscles (hence the name). I don’t want to have the Tough Mudder be the first time I run since the marathon, so I’m going to do 2-3 slow, easy miles tomorrow to find my legs. Wish me luck!

-Run Monster

P.S. Check out Lina’s blog! It was her birthday yesterday!


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