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Friends and Franch Toast.

That isn’t a typo. I meant to write ‘Franch Toast’. Well, I meant to write that this time. There is hilarious prologue to my run today, described by the following text between me and Lina:


I literally couldn’t say “french toast’ in my head for days without replacing it by the hick version. Anyways, something that these texts do not mention is that there were reasons to celebrate today: Lina finished HER master’s thesis and exam, and it was our last long run before the marathon. Lina had been working on her thesis for over a year, and although this blog doesn’t quite date back this far, we both had begun the journey to a marathon roughly four months ago. In the big scheme of things, a year or a few months doesn’t add up to a lot of time. But, not all months and/or years are created equal. This past year was the most difficult of our lives for Lina and I academically, and the past four months have been exceptional, physically, in that we’ve run our farthest distances ever.

The point is, a celebration was in order after today’s 8 mile run and my way of celebrating was with Baked Challah French Toast and a group of some of my closest friends. We met at 7:30am at my house and drove out to Forbidden Drive. This is the trail on which Lina and I ran our 13.1 mile run, and both of us still suffer from flashbacks of that horrible, painful, wintry experience. This awful run occurred before I started this blog, but here are the important details: It was freezing (literally) and windy; Lina and I both felt terrible after 5-6 miles (which sucks when you have 8 miles left); we ran way too fast given how we were feeling; we were sort of sick of this trail. These things combined made for the worst run in the history of our training program, and we hadn’t been back to Forbidden Drive since that run.


Luckily, today’s run was lovely. The trail was unrecognizably green thanks to the action of spring, and neither of us felt awful 1/3 of the way in. We both got somewhat impatient during the last mile of our run and went pretty darn fast, but otherwise we did a good job of running somewhat quickly without killing ourselves. Even though I’ve been dreading the taper this week, going fast at the end of today’s run has made me excited to run slowly during my upcoming short mid-week runs. Here’s the breakdown of the run:

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 7.27.56 PM


We clearly like taking awkward photos

The last mile hurt, and I was plagued by a pain in my right leg that I’ve never felt before. It was a relatively dull pain, but it ran along the entire length of my right leg on the outside. I noticed yesterday that my right little toe went numb/fell asleep for no apparent reason, so I’m genuinely sort of worried about what’s going on there. Upon doing some research, I think I’m experiencing IT Band Syndrome :(. Why now?? With only 8 days left until the race, I can only pray that a light week and some rest/stretching will alleviate my symptoms. Ice. Rest. Repeat.

After the run, brunch ensued and it was great. We all just sat around foam rolling and chatting while the french toast baked. It was everything a runner could want from a Saturday morning. Here’s the french toast right before we demolished it:


And here are the men of the morning, each showing his individual enthusiasm for the meal: (Please notice the nicely crossed legs, all crossed in the same direction!)



I’m really happy with that picture. What a gem.

Minus the IT band pain, today was a great day. It’s a wonderful thing to have people in your life who are willing to get up and spend the morning with you, especially when they have jobs and school to wake them up early during the week. I’m sure the promise of french toast had something to do with motivating them to come over so early, but I’m comfortable with this sort of bribery. Now that classes are over, I’m looking forward to having more mornings like this.

And to end: Lina and I run our first marathons in a week! Woo hoo!

-Run Monster



One comment on “Friends and Franch Toast.

  1. Lina
    May 6, 2013

    I LOVE that last picture! Tradd’s face is the best.

    I didn’t realize we hadn’t run Forbidden Drive since our hellish 13 miler. Well, actually, wait…we did! We ran it as part of our 16 miler, remember? We started at the head of the trail at Northwestern Ave and ended up in West Philly. But I guess that’s not really doing a full run there, so you’re right.

    The marathon is so close!!! omggg

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